House Alarm Advice, Best location for the Control Panel

By | July 3, 2014

An obvious (but often overlooked principle) is to ensure that the location you decide to position your Alarm Control Panel should always be protected by the appropriate Alarm Detectors.

When installing any Security Alarm System, you should put yourself in the place of a potential Intruder, what are the:

  • Weak Points of the Building ?
  • What locations are not being Over-looked ?
  • What locations give you an Safe Escape Route ?

This will help you to decide which sensors to fit, and where to fit them, and at the same time you will be deciding where best to fit the Control Panel.

Now the Control panel may need to be accessible upon entering and exiting the building (if you are using the built in keypad to arm & disarm the alarm), if so it must be in a position that is protected by one or more relevant Alarm Detectors, these may be in the form of a PIR overlooking the panel, or Magnetic Contacts on the approach Doors. By ensuring the panel is protected, anyone entering the building will need to know the secret code to the panel to turn it off, even if they attack the panel the chances are that all of the Sirens & Diallers will still activate.

The safer way to plan your Alarm Installation, is to use a Wireless Keypad or Remote Control to Arm & Disarm the Alarm, and then safely hide the Control Panel away (inside another room, a locked cupboard etc). This normally makes installation far quicker and easier as you can choose a location with a power supply already available, or a location next to a Telephone Extension Socket.

Other ways you can Arm & Disarm some Alarm Control Panels is by using Text Message or Timers, again this allows you to hide your panel Safely away.

If you happen to be fitting an Alarm inside a nearby Shed or Garage, consider placing the Control Panel safely inside the house (keep it away from the Shed or Garage).

Using Wireless Alarms makes this principle very easy to plan & follow, no need to worry about how you are going to run cables from one room to another, or one building to another.

If you need advice before an installation or whilst planning an installation, Ultra Secure Direct would be happy to give you no obligation advice via Telephone, Email, Live Chat (contact details).


By Mark Walter Google