KISS (keep it Simple Stupid !!)

By | December 6, 2015

KISS (keep it Simple Stupid !!)

One of the simplest tips that can be remembered when anyone is choosing a Security System is the ‘KISS’ principle.

It stands for  ‘Keep it Simple Stupid’, if you over complicate your Security System (which often means spending more money) you will find it hard to live with and then over a short length of time you will stop using it.

It is far better have one or two simple devices in place that you always use, rather than a complicated system you only use when you go on holiday.

A Simple example would be that ‘You can’t easily get up during the night to go to the bathroom’, it will not be long until you stop using the System.

So just keep this simple principle in mind when choosing your Security Systems, Ultra Secure Direct are firm believers of this rule and would be happy to give you Advice


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