What a Burglar Looks For Security Tips

By | January 7, 2016

Listed below are simple and affordable Security Tips to help protect your Home & Business, these can be simple and obvious but often overlooked

 Signs that the house is unoccupied: 

  • Curtains left open or closed whilst you are away (is it possible for family members to drop by and change the position of these, even if it can’t be every day).
  • No lights on (put one or two lamps on a timer).
  • No TV on (purchase an affordable TV simulator).
  • Newspapers and post left to build up in the letter box or porch (ask a neighbour or family member to drop by and move them).
  • Bins left out: (ask a neighbour or family member to move them).
  • Long Grass: (cut it before leaving).


  • Rear access which is not overlooked by neighbours: (make it hard for a potential intruder to gain access to the most vulnerable access points; this may be simple gate locks).
  • Front access points being covered by overgrown bushes and trees (keep them maintained).
  • Easy to climb rear fence panels: (you can fit fence spikes, grow thorn bushes around extremely vulnerable fence panels).


  • Leaving front garage doors wide open during the day, showing potential intruders your most prized Motor Cycle, Quad Bike, Lawn Mower and Power Tools: (keep the doors shut whenever possible).
  • Leaving valuable IPad’s, Mobile Phones, and Wallets in sight through a front window: (keep them out of sight).

Security Systems:

  • No signs of a Security System: (if you can’t afford or justify a security system, a simple Dummy Alarm Siren or good Dummy CCTV Camera will put some doubt in the mind of the potential intruder).
  • Signs & Stickers: (even a small security sticker on a window or on a shed or garage will at least tell a potential intruder that you have thought about security).

Escape Routes:

  • Easy Escape Route: (Intruder’s love a choice of escape routes should they be disturbed, you may be able to fit a fence panel, plant a bush or lock a rear gate to reduce this risk.


  • No External Security Lighting: (there are often different opinions about having security lighting fitted to your property, some people will say you are lighting up the area for the Intruder to see what they are doing, and other people will say Security Lighting will make a potential Intruder feel less at ease, but it needs to be considered).

These are just a few Security measures that we would recommend considering, we would always recommend   fitting suitable security Systems to your property, but these alone are not the only solution.

If you need advice in choosing a Security System, please contact Ultra Secure Direct for Friendly, No Obligation Advice.

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