M2M Roaming SIM Cards for GSM Alarms

By | February 5, 2016

What SIM Cards do we need for our GSM Alarm System

This a question we get often get asked, the scenario is that we get a call saying that our GSM Alarm System will not call out, yet I am standing next to the panel with full bars on my Smart Phone using the same network.

Our first response is to ask if that same Smart Phone is showing 3 or 4G, if so that will not help with many GSM Alarm Panels because they are using 2G technology.

What we suspect is happening in the UK, is that there is so much pressure on the Networks to supply good 3 & now 4G coverage, that it is often being achieved at the cost of losing permanent or temporary 2G coverage on some masks, that may mean that you have had fantastic 2G coverage in your location for many years, and that disappears overnight, either due to the mask supplying you has been upgraded to 3 or 4G, or the 2G has simply failed and the supplier does not give this breakdown any priority for the repair.

The rules appear to differ across Europe, we know from experience that Ireland has little 2G coverage with most of the larger suppliers all concentrating on 3G, where as in France there is a law ensuring that the networks give full 2G coverage to all of France within the next year or two, most of France now has 2G coverage.

Most GSM Alarm Systems you buy will be using 2G technology, although this is just starting to change (2016) due to the cost of 3G chips coming down, the new 3G Alarms will normally be downwards compatible and will also operate on 2G.

One solution we are turning too is to use M2M Roaming SIM Cards, these SIM Cards are designed to be used in products such as GSM Alarms & Trackers, they will lock onto the best network in your location, therefore if your local mask loses its 2G network for a while, the SIM Card will lock onto the next best signal, resulting in your device remaining active. These Roaming SIM Cards will probably be slightly more expensive to start with, but we believe they will work out a far better investment for you in the short to long term.

If you don’t want to use these Roaming SIM Cards, then you may need to be purchasing one of the new breed 3G GSM Alarms, although bear in mind 3G coverage is nowhere near complete in many locations.

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